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Born in Ethiopia, Yene was raised in Europe. She completed her university education in the United States. While her educational background is Finance and Investment Analysis, her professional work focused on civil society programs and international agencies’ initiatives/projects aiming for social change issues for disadvantaged and destitute members of society. Presently, Yene spends most of her time consulting, coaching and conducting research on means to leverage leadership capacities in favor of transformation and change in the context of economic and human development. She is the founder of everyONE (www.everyonesworld.org), a humanitarian organization based in Ethiopia; currently supporting the livelihoods ofover 10,000 boys and girls affected by aids or orphaned by aids; as well as several disadvantaged communities affected by poverty, physical disability, leprosy and HIV/AIDS. Part of the proceeds from this book is committed to starting an Endowment Fund to support Children’s livelihood programs both within everyone and other such organizations worldwide.

Yene lives in Freetown, Sierra Leone with her husband Matthias Reusing and their two daughters Rosi-Selam and Leoni-Almaz.

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